Here's the Buzz on No Strings

"The jewel-like setting of your stage in combination with your incredible puppets and wonderful stories created a level of artistry that was pure magic. The children were spellbound!

"What was so special about the day that you created for our community is that you gave each child, no matter how rich or poor, the same magical, best memory of a summer day with their family."

Gene Nelson, The Children's Room
Early Education Resource Center of Waterbury Vermont

"The jury is in - you were a TERRIFIC addition to our celebration Saturday! The level of engagement, the theatricality and fun of the whole presentation made it really apparent that you were meant to perform for us. Thanks for giving the best of talent, time, inspiration and creation. So many miss the mark, and think that "they're just kids", so quality can slide a bit. You do not succumb, and we are beneficiaries."

Anne Gleason, SAC Programs Coordinator
Mary Johnson Children's Center, Middlebury Vermont

"The marionettes were exquisite, the special effects were magical, the accompanying music was varied and well-chosen, and the voices told the story with character and expression. I am in awe of the scope of the work that goes into the production. Your creativity and attention to detail produce terrific results!"

Becky McMeekin, Director of Program
Chandler Music Hall and Cultural Center, Randolph Vermont

"The 'after-show', where you patiently demonstrated the puppets for the kids was a huge hit. I can see how much you love your work by the care you take to engage young people."

Terry Bregy, Events Coordinator
Windjammer Weekend Committee, Camden Maine